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Experience the captivating allure of Kabuki, a floral workshop dedicated to the art of floral dance. Founded in 2020 by Naoko de Oliveira Yoshii, a New York City native, Kabuki is nestled on East Broadway in Chinatown, NYC. Explore the intricate beauty of FLEURS FROM THE ABYSS OF YOUR WILDEST WET DREAMS, crafted to inspire and enchant. Naoko created this gorgeous arrangement in our Interlocking Vase in Cobalt Blue using leucadendron, reflexed tulips, and mini pink air plants.

"I wanted the blue of the vase to be the focal point so I chose colors opposite and complementary colors to enhance. Avoiding anything too bright so that the vase was still very much part of the design. When designing I first think of the feeling I would like to invoke, and choose my blooms from there."
— Naoko

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